Friday, August 15, 2008

Gluten Free Friday Week 9

The first thing I would like to share with you this week, is that in the last several things I have learned something new about soup - it can be eaten without a side of bread. Whether that be rolls, bread sticks, slices of bread, crusts, croƻtons, or crackers - you can actually eat soup without those things. Yes - you can have that with your gluten free versions. But... I've come to be able to enjoy a bowl of soup without the need for some kind of bread product. Interesting.

I finally got to try the Turtle Mountain Cookie Dough ice cream I told you all about. Before I tell you how delicious it was, I have to say the coconut flavor took my by surprise. Yes, I know the ice cream was made from coconut milk. Somehow I didn't expect coconut flavor with cookie dough ice cream. Coconut flavor and all - it was delicious!!!! Oh what a treat! I enjoyed every little tasty bite I had.

I had a case of Kay's Natural Gluten Free products sent to me to try out. The kids loved every single thing they tried. I have to say, my all time favorite was their oh-so-yummy Kay's Natural Cereal.


Gluten Free Blog of the Week: It's All Gouda I found this blog off of the blog I mentioned last week. I'm not 100% sure she always blogs gluten free.. but the numerous recipes I've read on her blog all are so far! I can't wait to try her homemade polenta recipe!


Recipes I tried this week.... recipes.. recipes.... what did I cook this week? I can't even remember yesterday.

Actually, we went out twice in the last week (don't tell me I'm spoiled, that sort of thing RARELY happens) to both P.F. Changs and Outback Steakhouse, both have gluten free menus. So those are two chains all over the place that if you're traveling and need a place to eat - there you go!

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