Friday, August 22, 2008

Gluten Free Friday Week 10

Well, we're in the double digits now! How official :-)

When we need something quick - I really like grabbing something by Amy's Kitchen from our local grocery store. My personal favorite is the Cheese Enchilada. And at around $3.** a meal it's not any more expensive than fast food. We just have to wait to get home to warm it up and eat it, which has stopped the children from feeding my van leftover french fries and hamburger buns.

Another great quick on the run meal is to grab deli meat, cheese, and lettuce and make a wrap. The kids love this. It's also a pretty tasty and nutritious "meal" you can get at any grocer's. This is something you can eat in the car - if necessary.

The other day we were going to visit with family for lunch and I had to shop at a store I'm not really familiar with. Not feeling like going the lettuce wrap route I thought - salad. Quick, easy and not hard to pack full of protein. To our bowl of lettuce + other veggies I added a can of chick peas, walnuts, and an avocado chopped up. I was concerned the kids would complain about needing more so I grabbed a pack of Ball Park Franks. Turns out the salad was their favorite after all, and when we got home they polished off the bag of leftover salad!

Also, I think I forgot to share with you.... International Delights Coffee Creamers are gluten free. How I could forget to mention this I don't know! I'll often drink coffee black when I go out, but I love indulging myself with a little vanilla creamer in my morning cup of coffee. It just makes me happy to be greeting the day. When they say "Delight in every cup" they are not kidding.


Gluten Free Blog of the Week: Eat Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free, Low Sugar Just be advised that wheat free doesn't necessarily mean gluten-free, but you know that already. So browse to your heart's content! I especially added this blog just for you, Rissa, because her Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free, Low Sugar French Toast sounds amazing.


If you blog gluten free and would like to be considered for my gluten free blog of the week please feel free to send me an e-mail or leave a comment. I'd be happy to review it. I basically just pick bloggers who have recipes that strike my fancy ;-)


This week I made Two Potato Salad. Kind of. I doubled the recipe, our store did not have yukon gold so I used red potatoes, and did not add red onion as much as I love red onion (I thought raw onion would get too many protests, the kids are on an anti-onion kick recently which is bizarre considering they'll eat a raw radish like an apple. But I never claimed to understand those little people...) It. was. delicious. It was... sweet potato heaven. It was... perfect summer food. I love sweet potatoes so very much and to have a new way to serve them is perfect for me. I also love it because it was a delicious potato salad that was crisp in taste from the dill and the apple cider vinegar- not slimy full of mayonnaise-fatty, plain, tasteless globs of salad on my plate.

But it is sweeter, and if you don't like sweet potato then this salad certainly is not for you. But it is for me, that's for sure! Yum yum yum!

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Rissa said...

Yay! I am so excited to try that! Thanks for letting me know :)

I so wish I could enjoy that creamer along with you. I long for it! So much! Drink an extra cup for me, okay? :)

I can't believe it's been 10 weeks! That's a long time! Good for you!