Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My day in a nutshell

I think so far from all the questions, I have at least a months worth of blogging material ;-) Just kidding! Keep 'em rolling in! I'll have a post about "The How" either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Or perhaps somewhere in between those two times ;-)

For now, just to keep it real, I thought I would update you on my day (and don't forget to enter the contest!):

~ This morning Liam pulled off his diaper, put it on the floor and then peed on it. Yes, I think he's ready for potty training.

~ Isaac seemed to forget that we were in our house and not a gym and ripped the towel rack out of the kid's bathroom by hanging on it. Yeah, my darling husband is not going to be very happy about that. Why do I get to be the one to break the news??

~ Shiloh's 4th tooth is now working on making an entrance and she's completely mobile. That's right, 6 months old and all over the place. I thought I had more time. Oh the cosmic jokes played on me.

~ Last night somehow I was approved/volunteered/made teacher of our new homeschool co-op's freshman biology class. I'm still confused why that was considered a good idea. But, I do love biology.. so I'm looking forward to the fall, although I have quite a bit of summer reading to do now.

~ I was laying on the floor, on my back, while the girls played hair dresser. They were "washing" my hair, "cutting" it, and putting in clips, etc. Liam decided to ambush the beauty parlor and jumped, landing both feet on my chest. He's close to 40 pounds. I think I cracked a rib.

~ I've been chasing the children out of the kitchen, as they like to open the fridge door to stick their head in to cool off.

~ Our dog wouldn't come in last night, got scared by thunder, ran under the deck and I had to crawl half under/coax him out. Crawling under means a space of about 1 - 1.5 feet, with mud, spiders, and who-knows-what. I was not happy with him.

~ Isaac also managed to break the microwave (which admittedly was on it's last leg) while simultaneously spilling his pasta and sauce down the cupboard doors, fridge door, and all over the floor because he couldn't wait 1 minute while I put the baby in her high chair. Another thing I have to report broken to my husband.

~ I think I have 8 loads of laundry to do. Maybe more. I'll have to let you know.

It's now nap time... and I would like to just lie on the couch and absorb the peace and quiet via osmosis into my soul. Instead I think I should powerclean. I will leave you with this thought :

Unfortunately the tin is empty. Someone send chocolate!


Amy said...

You are a brave mamma! I would never crawl under the deck for the dog . . . I could relate to the rest of your day - it just never seems to stop! Enjoy naptime :)

Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy said...

Hey thanks for coming by, about Helana looking like any of her siblings.. Read my article here, LOL

Katie said...


I know.. it's just that he's a Collie and already terribly needs a bath and good grooming. Plus, I have a soft spot for him because he's so darn old. He's actually only turning 8 soon.. but he's moving around more slowly.

I've become so much less of an animal person than I used to be. But his little whimpers break my heart still.

Mrs. Querido said...

No amount of whimpering would make me crawl underneath a deck with SPIDERS...eeeek!

Loved your posting of your day! Makes mine seem I would send chocolate, but I'm all out too!

Praise the Lord for naptime...oh wait, my boys don't nap anymore...sigh.

brietta said...

It seems there is one thing broken each day that I have to tell Daniel about. It may be my least favorite job as a mom! I totally feel your pain on that one.

The peek into your day made me chuckle. Good to know others go through craziness, too... :)

(Though you've just reinforced my decision to never own a dog!!!!!)

Jenn said...

What a Day!

jackie said...

I love your posts, Katie. They are so transparent. It makes me feel like I just might be normal. Sometimes. :-)