Sunday, July 13, 2008

A little mover and shaker

Remember I mentioned that Shiloh is on the move?

Is she ever! She is completely unhappy being put somewhere where it restrains her to be entertained. She does not want to play with appropriate baby toys and things she would be allowed to chew on. She wants to search the house looking for cords, or pieces of paper, shoes, generally just anything inappropriate for a baby she is drawn like a magnet to.

She has also started to master a little temper tantrum which has shocked me. I take something from Shiloh and put her back somewhere safe, she cries and cries all the while looking at me to convey "You have broken my heart, you know that right?"

I'm constantly reminding all the big kids that they can't leave anything on the floor. This has been a concept that has not sunk in for my kids. I've been feeling like "Gosh, why is it so much harder this time?" And I realized it's not harder per say, it's just different.

It's different in that I have 4 kids to remind not to leave things out which is more than before. It's also different because Shiloh is my first baby to put everything she comes in contact with into her mouth. The other kids did on occasion, but she gives everything the chew test.

It's different because the other kids would be content to occasionally play in a walker, exersaucer, jumparoo, swing, etc. Shiloh will allow us to put her to play in her high chair for periods of time, but then remembers "Oh yeah, I can move now! Let me down!!"

It's different because Liam was primarily interested in climbing. So crawling took on a totally different dimension for him. And I chased a climber for a while instead of chasing a chewer.

And of course, it's entirely possible that maybe it's different because the other kids have grown up so fast that I just don't remember.

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