Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Tuesday??

Time has passed me by. I'm sure you've noticed the lack of blogging!

I completely neglected my Monday Review for you. Although, look forward to next week - it's going to be a good one!! (there may be a surprise)

I don't like to tell the public when my husband has been out of town, but I will now say he is back! He was gone for training with the military for 15 days. He came back a week ago, and had scheduled this past week off of work for vacation at home. Am I ever thankful!

It's so hard when he's gone. Not because I can't handle running our house. I just realize the little things I miss. The smiles, hugs, and encouragement that comes from him. The whistling and singing around the house. There's such a joy that is in our home when Jake is here. The boys get wrestled with and the girls are adored. It means the world to all the kids to get that special attention from their Daddy.

Also in this past week a near and dear friend, her husband, and son were in town to visit. We spent lots and lots of time hanging out around campfires, coffee, meals, and more. Absolutely fantastic memories! It's so hard to live on opposite coasts from those you are close to and love. But thank goodness for holidays and special times that bring us back together each year!

I realized that I brought up "no 'pooing" without the consideration of leaving links to an explanation! Here are a few.

Also in this past week I spent some time on the phone with our agency about getting the ball rolling for adoption. We are working on our application right now. Sometimes I start feeling so nervous that we're going to take the very first step of such an enormous journey. I start wanting to see needs and how exactly they'll be filled and when things are going to come together. Then I remember I'm just walking along following the Lord, not leading. In any case, pray for us!

That sums up the week for me here. With one exception. I do have some exciting news to share soon but I'm not allowed to yet, but that's OK. Lest you think it has something to do with pregnancy, be assured we are not expecting. I have learned when I, mother of 5, tell people I have something exciting to share they jump to conclusions.


David said...

lol. I did a double take on the no 'pooing' comment you made. But I figured out what you meant a little further on.

Jenn said...

I too was wondering what your post was going to be about when you said no'pooing'! I know exactly what you mean about when your husband is gone. It's so comforting to have them home isn't it.

Eliza Ray said...

Hahaha oh man. I totally thought you were talking about being pregnant.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

lol - I've been on the same end of that stick. Everyone just expects more :) Glad your husband is home again - having Daddy around makes all the difference!

Rissa said...

Aaaaaaahh! I miss you so much! I, too, cannot believe how quickly this past week went...

That's it! I'm coming back on the next flight tonight!!! :)