Saturday, July 26, 2008

Do you no 'poo?

A few of my friends have posted about giving "No 'Pooing" a try. It's supposed to be great, healthier for you, your budget, and the environment.

I gave it a try. For a week and a half. Some might say that it wasn't long enough. But... there were two factors in stopping. 1, even though my hair looked great, it felt... yucky. 2, I went to visit my sister, who is coincidentally my hair dresser, and I may or may not have had my hair highlighted. Maybe I was born with this gorgeous hair.. maybe I wasn't. The world just may never know. And I read that you shouldn't do the baking soda if you color your hair.

I'm still interested very much in making the "No 'Poo" thing work. I just didn't have much success. I can't stand my hair feeling icky so it was hard for me to give it an extended try.

So do you no 'poo? How do you get it to work?


Anonymous said...

I tried no poo for a month or a litle more. I don't have very oily hair so I even when I use shampoo I wash only every couple of days or so. The first time I used baking soda my hair was AMAZINGLY soft, so I think it did help to remove some of the build up. But after that it never seemed to pan out. I tried varying consistancies and stuff and I was never very happy with it. I have a LOT of fine hair and so maybe it was difficult to really get the soda everywhere? I don't know. I gave it lots of time to adjust but I don't think it ever did. I plan on using baking soda every so often, like once a month, to return my hair to it's original softness though.
beck of

Tara said...

I am still no-pooing after about seven months. I did have an icky phase where it felt kind of.... clumpy about two weeks? into it or so. I'm happy overall but my only complaint is that from time to time I miss the nice smell of shampoo.

Amanda said...

I tried it and didn't quite make it a week. My hair LOOKED fine, but felt gross. I'll stick to 'poo, thanks!

Sam said...

Oooh, I couldn't do that!! It's bad enough when I don't 'poo over the weekend if I have a particularly lazy one!

Rissa said...

I tried it for about a month. I stopped because first of all, I realized that my hair didn't seem to be benefitting from it at ALL (still greasy, it was hard to manage and felt funny), and the vinegar was hurting my hands (I have eczema [or something - it hasn't been diagnosed]).

It's a cool idea and I really wish it would have worked. Since it didn't, though, I try to buy shampoos and conditioners free of SLS, parabens, and unnatural fragrances. I feel like that's a pretty happy medium. :)

Jennifer said...

Could someone please enlighten those of us thinking "wha?"