Friday, July 11, 2008

Gluten Free Friday Week 4

I said it before, but initially the kids were the ones who went 100% gluten free. Our house was converted to Gluten Free. But my hubby and I were still eating Gluten when we were out if it was more convenient for either us or other people.

But I officially went Gluten free about a week ago. Last Friday night I ate pasta at my in-laws house and since I've been mostly gluten free at home with the kids I think that's why I started having pains an bloating in my stomach. I was a little surprised to have reacted like that.

On top of which, thyroid disease is linked to Celiacs. And since my thyroid is still not under control its just time.

I'm not sure if you know how hard this is for me because, as I mentioned.. I love food. But it's been going well and I'm not looking back! If this could help me feel better, there's no way I'll ever enjoy a slice of New York Style pepperoni again. And if you know how much I love my pizza, you know that's saying a lot.


Nestle Tollhouse Semi-Sweet Morsels are gluten free. I contacted Nestle and they said that their ingredient list will specify if something is containing gluten although it is not labeled gluten free if it does not. Afterwards they mailed me some coupons along with 2 pages of gluten free recipes that use their semi-sweet morsels - yum!

International Delight Coffee Creamers do not contain Gluten.

V8 Vegetable Juice, V8 Splash, and V8 fusion are Gluten Free. Only three of the V8 smoothies are gluten free. The gluten free flavors are Orange Creme, Peach Mango, and Strawberry Banana. (I don't buy V8 but someone asked me if our kids wanted to have some V8 splash juice, which really is only 10% juice, which is why I don't buy it. So I looked into it)

All M&M's, with the one exception of crispy M&M's, are gluten free. I rejoiced. If I can have peanut butter M&M's I can deal with losing a few other favorite things. If you want to know if your favorite candy is gluten free, try checking this list or this list.

My favorite Gluten Free blogger was on Rachel Ray this week! I know I already shared her blog with you, but I just wanted to share her success. I think that's so incredibly exciting! Way to go, Stephanie!

Gluten Free Blog of the Week : Gluten Free Organics and More It's written by another Gluten Free Mama. The post of hers that really caught my eye was called Emergency Food. In it she talks about the Emergency Food kit she put together for her Gluten Free family in case they ever had to evacuate their home quickly. Great idea and great tips! I think you know what I'll be working on this week now.
No new recipes tried this week that I can think of. Just repeated a lot of favorites and did a lot of grilling!

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Tara said...

You know, I've been wondering (Adam too) if he has celiacs. His mom's brother had it pretty severely, and while Adam doesn't have any debilitating symptoms, his stomach often feels "off." I think he'll get tested soon if I can get my act together with contacting our insurance, etc. But for now, I am glad you are doing these posts in case we need some more gluten free info!