Friday, July 11, 2008

First thoughts

My first thoughts in the morning are a variety. The usual is one of this two: 1) COFFEE 2) Noooooo... already?

Every once in a while my brain shakes it up. Like if we have somewhere to go right away it's usually right on my mind. But today, my first thought was "Why am I waking up so early?" It was very, very quiet so clearly it must be early. Then I had the thought that whenever I have I feel nervous "Why do I feel so well rested?"

I rolled over, squinted and made faces until I could read the clock. 8:30!?!? I sprang right up and saw the reason it was so quiet. Someone shut my bedroom doors. There are 2 doors to our bedroom, I leave them both open. Someone shut them.

I throw open a door and run out expecting disasters. Instead three little sleepy eyed kids looked up at me "Good morning mom." "what are you doing???" was my reply. They looked confused. Clearly, they were wrapped up in blankets, snuggled on the couch, eating some dry cereal Isaac got for them all and watching a DVD on the laptop (obviously, Isaac figured that one out) - what else would I think they were doing?

"Wathing a DVD"

I asked "Who shut my doors?"

"Isaac" Then Isaac says "Sorry mom, we thought you'd like more sleep. You do like to sleep" That is true. My kids know me well. My answer to any ailment is "Go take a nap, you'll feel better"

So my morning started out with panic and dread... just to be met with sweetness. My little ones were just trying to do something nice for their Mamma. Wow!

What was your Friday morning like?


Amy Giove said...

Oh Kat! It brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful surprise and how terrific of Isaac to be so thoughtful and resourceful. I've been there in that moment of dread. You wake up, it's late, and just know the awful things that must have happened and are happening. I've had both the good and the bad. Two days ago my kids both slept in until 9am!! That has never happened before in my life. I woke up at 8 and went to clean out the car before they were awake. There have been other days, those bad ones I'll only tell you in person. I not being too sure I want to admit to some of them in 'public'. =) This morning was a normal 7 - 7:30 morning. But as the morning sickness hasn't gone away the highlight of my morning was throwing up with two babies hugging my back pushing each other, and alternately asking me for breakfast. =) Oh how I look forward to Noah being able and willing to get cereal for his siblings and let me sleep!

Amy said...

How sweet! I usually have the same two thoughts on my brain first thing too :) I set the coffee up before going to bed and turn the timer on - being able to have that first cup right away is so great! I got up at 8 after hearing my girls go downstairs, then Owen in the monitor - by the time I got Owen and headed down my oldest (8) was getting cereal for her sisters. Happy Friday :)

jackie said...

That is too sweet!

I woke up this morning to Alyssa telling me that Lael woke her up because she was cleaning their room. Then I remembered a part of a dream I was having. In it, I was talking to my pastor and he said something like "It doesn't matter what your weaknesses are. You are His. Your name is grace, He has taken your place." Or something like that. And I thought that was just a cool dream. I should blog my thoughts on it.

Mrs. Querido said...

How adorable! Three cheers for being able to sleep in!

Jenn said...

How sweet of your son to think of his mama! My oldest son has done this for me before too!

Katie said...

@Amy G. I have so been where you are. In the place of having 3 in diapers, in the place of puking my guts out and having little ones whining for something they need, and in the place of feeling like I'll have to take care of every little detail for each person Just wait to see where you are in 2 years from now, only 2! Your oldest two will be so much more independent and such helpers you'll almost forget what it was like to not have them!!

@Jackie That is a BEAUTIFUL and awesome dream. Very significant in my mind. I just read chapter 5 in the book The Supernatural Ways of Royalty and they discussed very specifically the Lord calling us out by a new name. I am in such awe by that!! I hope I have some similar kind of dream - lol. I do hope you blog about it!

Rissa said...

Ahh, Isaac. He is a jewel. :)

You don't even wanna KNOW about my morning. ;) Two words: cray-zay. :)