Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Some days...

Some days... I feel so defeated over the silliest things.

~ Isaac's team shirt is missing, and his last t-ball game of the year is in 45 minutes.

~ There were about a dozen flies in the house yesterday. I bleached the sink, garbage can, diaper pail, and toilets. Today there seem to be 3 dozen. Yuck.

~ My crockpot dinner seems to be cooking too slow and dinner won't be on time.

~ I went to throw new laundry in the dryer to notice a strange orange ring that won't rub off. What did that come from? It occurred to me to check the comforter I just took out. Yes. Orange. I'm guessing crayon? Any good tips to get that out?

In the scheme of things, none of this is really a big deal. But all added up I feel stressed. Give me your best de-stressing tips! (and best crayon removal, please!)


Beck said...

When I'm stressed I hole up with a good book.

Andrea said...

I sympathize with your crayon dilemma! If you can, wash all affected items in the hot water cycle - this will melt the crayon right off. DO NOT dry yet! It may take a couple of washings. Then treat the stains with your fav stain remover - I use that double oxy spray and wash stuff (I'm so technical!) in the pink and white bottle. Works like a charm! This worked for me when a stray green crayon found it's way into the dryer. The only spot that didn't come out was the one I missed!

Erin said...

I am so sorry... bad days make us appreciate the good days that much more!

Amy said...

Sorry for the bum day! Hopefully you were able to get to bed early - that helps me sometimes, although the quiet house calls to me when it has been one of those days. - Here's to tomorrow - may you be blessed.

brietta said...

No crayon tips, but I'm feeling you on the bad day stuff. Yesterday I told Daniel that it's really bad how I can have a productive, peaceful day and then a couple things can really make me feel like a failure. Ugh.

Hope today is a little more uneventful for you. :)