Thursday, June 5, 2008

End of Contest?

I should have put a date and time on the end of the contest. But I didn't. I made things confusing for myself by saying, 1 week. Does that mean 7 days after that day? Does that mean the same Day of the Week the following week?

In an effort to be more specific, I will allow Mommy Card suggestions to be made up until midnight tonight.

I will try to announce the winner over the weekend! Thank you for your help and your suggestions. I am excited :-D


Rissa said...

Oh boy....I found some GREAT ones...

I love these - - the top three are amazingly and ridiculously wonderful but I couldn't possibly say which was my favorite out of them all :)

I'm not sure of the price on these but I love the bird -

I'm also in love with every single one of these - but I especially love the ones titled "Maureen" and "Marla Paisley" -

Oh goodness....this has made me so, so excited. Wow. Who knew?! ;)

Rissa said...

Oh shoot - I realized you wanted us to post all of the contest entry comments on the other blog post. I'm going to post my previous comment there, to make it easier. Sorry!

Rissa said...

I keep checking your site like a madwoman to see if you've posted results. End the suspense!!! ;)