Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cloth Diaper Stuff Again!

Since it worked so well last time to post about items I wanted to sell, I thought I'd put a few more things up here :-)

I have 2 Thirsties small diaper covers that Shiloh has outgrown. In Candy Pink and Lavender.

These are in great shape, with some discoloration around the legs' bindings, also with a little bit of pilling on the binding.

$8.00 ppd each! :-)

Also I have 1 small Rumpsters All in One diaper. This is the old style with the wider aplix, so it doesn't droop the way the current Rumpster AIO diapers do. I personally wish they had never changed them! These are hard to find! This one has lots and lots of life left, color white, with pilling around all the binding. Also $8 ppd!


Amy said...

Hello!! Im intruding on your blog--found ya on Country mom's blog. :)

Great and imformative stuff.- will sure to be back. :)

Amy said...

Informative* -- hate when I do that. :o}