Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Updates in M.o.M.-topia

~ Today my sister arrived safely back from Africa. Her trip was cut short due to a number of conflicts that arose, but I'm so glad she's back safe and sound. It was a hard wait the last week, praying for her safety. But she is here, home, all smiles and presents. Oh yes :-) She brought me this A-MAY-ZANG necklace and really cool scarf thingy.

~ Earlier in the day we also went to the zoo. I completely second Carole's thoughts in that it's a cruel prank on parents to put a playground in the zoo. It was the main attraction of our day, unfortunately. I had this imaginary hope of the grand learning experience, with all sorts of scientific questions coming from my children by the visions of wildlife probing their brains. But I suppose the day where animals are more interesting will come. Eventually.

~ My husband who rarely reads my blog (because of how busy he is.. not because of disinterest... well... and because I tell him almost everything I write anyhow, poor man) made mention recently of taking pictures along the way of our garden project. Oh? I asked. He said, "For your blog." Lord - I love that man. I can't wait to show you all when it's done. Forget the fact nearly all of our seedlings have died from little boy mishaps and such.

~ I've been referenced to a number of times recently as a writer. Yes. Can you believe it? I can't. "Oh, you're Katie E_____? I heard you write" It's a ridiculous compliment that I'd love to refute except... I have a little surprise to announce in a few weeks to you all ;-) I can't wait! Yes, it has to do with writing. And, because of the awful suspense I know I'm inflicting on you now.. I will be doing a great giveaway in honor of the excitement!! Be sure to stay tuned (or, subscribed would be more appropriate wouldn't it?)

~ Have you heard of the Mommy Calling cards that are the rage? I have actually had about a dozen times in the last few weeks where they would have been convenient. So, I'm thinking I should get some. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you make them? Have a friend who does? Bought some sassy ones for yourself somewhere?

That's the latest in M.o.M.-topia!


Jenn said...

Waiting on pins and needles for your announcement!

Jenn said...

Oh by the way Katie, what are Mommy Calling cards? I am totally out of the loop:) Please do explain!

Stretch Mark Mama said...

I just sent you a second e-mail...maybe the first didn't go through?? Anyway, you've won the Adoption Decision book over at the giveaway at my site. Send me a note!