Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Searching" for Adoption

I am a Googler. A shameless Googler at that. I can't even remember what we were listening to in which the person was reading descriptions of people and this one type was the person who collected bits of random knowledge and googled everything. I laughed, Jake laughed, we all laughed and then googled me to see if my picture came up as most frequent googler. Just kidding. My response to almost anyone I talk to if I don't know something is not "I don't know." It's "Hmm.. I'll Google it!"

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that my husband I are researching adoption. We decided the route for us to go was to choose a country first and then an agency. We're sort of going back and forth between 2 countries right now, causing us to go back and forth between the agencies we've found for each of those.

I have to say, I've been impressed and am leaning towards African Widows and Orphans Project (AWOP). They're a division of Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries. AWOP works with Ethiopia. The director Michelle herself, along with her husband, has adopted 9 children from Ethiopia! I'm really impressed with the way they work with prospective families and the ministries they provide in adoption.

One point that would have knocked me off my feet had I not already been sitting when reading my e-mail, was that they work with each family to assist not only in prayer support - but financial support. They try to help each adoptive family with raising funds as they can. Wow!

What does this have to do with Googling? Well... it would be easy for me to ask you to contribute to a cause financially. Either our own adoption, or to a specific cause for AWOP, or anything like that. And as much as I personally desiring to give to every charitable cause that comes my way because I hate to see any form of suffering - I can't possibly fund the rest of the world. Neither can you, I know. (But if you DID want to help fund our adoption expenses at any point you get in touch with me. We're grateful for any $1! Our first goal is going to a training in Washington... but that's a post for another day)

BUT.. I heard about Goodsearch. Which is now... *gasp* going to replace my Google homepage. I know.. I get this little tight anxious feeling in my chest when I think about it. I love Google. I will still use my iGoogle for keeping track of my "stuff" but if I need to search something I'm going to click my home button, so that my browser will refresh to Goodsearch.

Goodsearch, is a search engine in which every time you search.. the charity you have chosen receives a donation for each search done. For me, I have now chosen to search with the proceeds going to Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries - after all.. we may be adopting through them (and AWOP). Of course you can choose your own charity and of course if there is one in particular you really have a burden for - do that.

But, if you just think it's neat and want to support something that could potentially help our family with adoption..... then choose Kingdom Kids Adoption Ministries (of Spokane, WA)

So from now on, I will say "Hmm... I'll Goodsearch it!" Which I imagine will provoke inquiries as to "what's goodsearch?" and continue to help support an amazing ministry.

Would you consider making Goodsearch your search engine/homepage of choice?


nadine said...

Hi Katie,
This is Nadine. I know who you are because I know the Ebels (I'm friends with Janice)... though I haven't seen them in ages.
That's cool about the goodsearch thing, has a similar thing going.

I also think it's awesome that you guys want to adopt. The reason I'm commenting is that I recently read some articles on international adoption that revealed some things to me that were unpleasantly revealing regarding the history of international adoption and continuing negative issues. I'm new to the topic, but I just wanted to encourage you to read up on it some. My sister directed me to this article by a Christian professor at Gordon College in MA:

Erin said...

Hi, my name is Erin and I really appreciate your post.

I have had every test done and doctors cannot figure out why we cannot get pregnant. My husband and I have talked a lot about adoption... we are so anxious to become parents. I will look into the organizations you mentioned here.

Thank you for sharing your research!