Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Edit, Edit, Edit - my northern speak

I have noticed slips here or there in a word I use. I try not to use this word while blogging. I felt as I would proofread something it would jump out at me - all stark, cold, and accusing. I'd quickly edit my blog to remove it. A few times it slipped by and as I noticed.. I'd leave it - "Oh well, it's already out there."

I'd wrinkle my nose while reading it, with the thought of how.. ungracious. Surely I'll offend someone. Until I had newfound revelation about this word.

What is the word? You're certainly wondering by now. Well.... since I can't help myself any longer. It's..... people. Yes. When I refer to you all as "people" I get all agitated. Why would I use a word that could be misconstrued as heedless?

But then I started thinking about it. It's used so positively.. as in:

1) Those are my kind of people.
2) They're good people.
3) She has good people skills

Hmm... maybe not so bad. According to one of my most frequented websites (yes... I admit to the love of learning their new word of the day, and a favorite pastime of using a thesaurus more often than I probably should) to check the actual definition. Here were my favorites.

People - 1...... linked by common interest
3. members of family or kinship
5. a body of persons that are united by......

I had often thought of how much differently it would look if I replaced "people" with the word "y'all." "Y'all", in my mind, has always seemed warm, hospitable, arms open, friendly, affectionate.. you get the idea. But I am in no way a southern girl. Those who know me would probably scratch there heads and think "Wha???" if they were to read something. Not to mention, when I gave it a try in a draft I laughed out loud and had to erase it before the blogging police came and seized my blog for impersonating someone or identify theft or something.

That's when I had my revelation. "People" is northern speak of the southern word "Y'all." And there you have it. When I call you "people" it is affectionate, friendly, etc etc. And with that out the way... I can finally let all my thoughts flow freely through my fingertips without going back to edit out all the "people"s.


Carole said...

I say 'people' a lot, too. As in, "People! What is your problem?" or "People! What are you doing dumping hot cocoa powder on the floor?"

Yes, random, I know.

Joanna said...

I just ran across you blog and read this post, I had to giggle a little. I am from the South and I am always saying y'all and I try not to write it on comments and in my blog, but it just comes out and I just think to myself that people will think I am some Southern Bumpkin! You made me feel a lot better about using it! Thank you!