Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Chapman Family

The first CD I ever bought was by Steven Curtis Chapman. I guess that has always made him stand out a little in my mind. Then I remember being blown away as a new guitarist when I saw him in concert for the first time yeeeeears ago. When I learned of his first adoption, and later of Shaohannah's Hope I was increasingly impressed. This guy was the real thing.

Now my heart aches and goes out to the Chapman Family as they are enduring one of the most tragic losses that can happen. Please keep them in your prayers with me.


jackie said...

What a terrible tragedy! Definitely will be praying...

On an unrelated note ... I'm curious about cloth diapering. Lauren has a persistent rash on the inside of her thigh right where her disposable rubs. I think the only way to get ridof it would be to get rid of the disposable diapers!! But I balk a bit at the cost. If I were looking on the diaperswappers website, what (easy, not intimidating, absorbant) diapers would you recommend? The only way I'd be able to (convince Josh) swallow the cost would be if it was much less than the Fuzzibunz package I've seen. Any tips? Or if I'm going cheap should I jsut stick with disposables?

jackie said...

My email is mrsjtc[at]

I've searched Ebay a bit and read a bit but I'm still pretty overwhelmed. I'd love whatever advice you ahve to give before we make any decisions.