Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boys and Girls

I will never, never, cease to be astounded by the world of boys. I grew up with all sisters. I often see myself in my girls, the little ways they play, the things they love, the things they say, the way they rise at 5 am (that was the me as a child not the me now, you silly people).

But without any brothers shaping my familyview (this is my own personal spin on word "worldview")... I worry over the boys. I fret. I wrinkle my nose at the antics. I am better than a lot of mom's with little boys in their lives for the first time. But... still.. it's new, different.. and uhhhhh... weird.

For instance, "baby" Liam is not quite 2 and wields a light saber, complete with sound effects, and uses the force better than his daddy... hahaha. Well, at least he sneaks up on his daddy and wails him behind the knees with the light saber more sneakily than any >2 year old I've ever seen!

I never remember my sisters or I growling, flexing our muscles and yelling "YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME!??!??" multiple times a day at our father. (Isaac's pre-battle cry before he tackles Jake around the legs)

And the most recent event was tonight. Tonight baby Shiloh was awake and joined us for chapter 8 in "Little Women." Isaac was snuggled up to me and baby Shiloh. Now the other day mind you, baby Shiloh passed some gas with her 2 big sisters around. Big sisters 1 and 2 looked at me and each other, giggling "OOooo, she tooted! Silly Shiloh..hehehehehe" and that was the end of it.

But tonight, baby Shiloh rips a big one next to big brother Isaac... who promptly grabs his stomach, falls over to the ground, there's this sort of squeal noise with the sharp intake of breath - I worry, I worry at first that something very bad is happening... until he ROARS with laughter. I thought he might die. Young boy age 6, dies from fatal fit of laughter. He was crying, he was shaking, he was sweating at the end of the laughter fit. For about 5 minutes he couldn't get the words out.. as if I needed an explanation. Where you see "...." just hear laughter there ok? "It's... It's.. She... Shi... She... Shi... Loh... it's... funny.. loud... ...... ........ ........ Shiloh.... really... loud...... .................................." and then no more words.... just lots and lots of laughter.

All over a bodily function. People, I ask you.. what am I in for with adolescence?


Eliza Ray said...

Hahahaha! Oh man. This made me laugh out loud so much! I love it...hahaha.

So good.

Mrs. Querido said...

LOL...I totally know what you mean. My sons like to announce when someone passes gas with "(insert perpetrator's name here) FARTED!" This happens in public too...sigh. And their daddy does not help matters, oftentimes he is the one rolling on the floor laughing! Still a boy at heart I guess.


Mrs. Q

Jenn said...

I have 3 boys 11years on down. I'm there for ya! Isaac, Jacob and Caleb have taught their sister that bodily noises are hilarious. Two of her first words were "excuse you"! Now when ever she passes gas or burps, its either "excuse you, mama (very embarrasing in church!) or "mercy"!

Don't worry you'll get used to boy mania before you know it!