Friday, April 4, 2008

Love at first sight

I'm not a believer in love at first sight. I have found that true (like agape) love is more of a commitment than an emotion. I don't think you can base a commitment off of emotions you feel at a first sight. But my first sight of of Jacob was certainly one that over the years of teenage fights, annoyances, and hurts, would come back to my mind to remind me of why I love him.

The end result of the first day I met Jacob left me with thoughts of "Augh. He's so annoying. He thinks he's so good looking and I should swoon and agree to everything he says. Dumb boy!"

I laugh when I think of myself back then.

The conversation we had at the end of the day our families spent together when I first met him, was about soccer. Yes. I decided all those things about him because of a conversation about soccer. It went something like this :

Jake - Do you like to play soccer?
Me - Not really.
Jake - But everyone I know plays soccer!
Me - I never got into it, I like some other sports better.
Jake - Oh c'mon. Everyone likes soccer.
Me - Well everyone doesn't like soccer, because I don't.
Jake - Would you want to play sometime?
Me - No, I never want to play it.
Jake - You'd really like it! I'm getting together with some friends this weekend, want to come play?
Me - No. I actually hate soccer - passionately.

This is the types of conversations 2 stubborn 13&14 y.o.'s have. (sheesh, yes we were that young)

But before the soccer conversation in which I dubbed him an unintelligent boy full of good looks, I noticed some things about him.

The way he affectionately played and gently roughed up his little 2 year old brother. His 2 year old brother was also terribly shy, and when too many strangers were causing him to hide behind Jake's legs for dear life, he'd scoop him up and hold him close - letting him put his head on Jake's shoulder.

I noticed how when he came home he'd go right to his mom, give her a kiss on the cheek and say "Love you, Mama" as he went off to do whatever it is 14 y.o. boys do (which turns out to be they go upstairs, try on clothes to find the perfect outfit and fix their hair to impress the 13 y.o. girl downstairs).

I noticed how he would help his little siblings, give them hugs and tickles - but tease them too so not to appear a total softy.

I noticed the way he'd praise and compliment his mom - how she was the greatest in the whole world and the most impressive, talented lady he had ever known.

At 13 I thought "That's the kind of guy that makes a good husband." Until he tried to force me into liking soccer - I was unsure then. But I was quite gratified that I beat him at the stubborn contest ;-)

And it turns out my stubborn streak of being who I am in spite of a cool, popular guy telling me to like something I don't was what captured his heart. He said he thought "Whoa! She's a challenge! I love it!"

Whatever caused me today to think back all those years ago I'm not sure.... but it was the beginning of a very wonderful thing!

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Eliza Ray said...

I love your and jake's story. It's totally movie-worthy.

So jealous. Haha.