Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby and Modeling (Not baby modeling) and the Latest

So tonight I thought I'd put up a few pictures of Shiloh. Is it just me? Or is she really growing quickly?

This isn't the greatest quality picture.. but I love Shiloh's bright eyed look :-)

Here she looks distressed by me pulling at her little lip so you can see she has TWO TEETH already! She beats all the other kids for earliest teeth.

This picture is clearer. After several attempts it's apparent that Nora has entered the phase Giovanna has been in a while, where suddenly they lose all smiling abilities when pictures are being taken. I think she looks like she has gas instead of the baby :-)


I was asked by my sister's salon to be a makeup model tomorrow morning :-O Yes, they put on make up.. take your picture.. potentially pay you a little bit, but get paid more through free makeup (who says no to that??)

Unfortunately.. I was asked yesterday. Which is not enough time to work out arrangements for the kids. So instead I get to add "model" to my fantasy world list of accomplishments and feel happy that after 5 children I "still got it."


The last 2 big things around M.o.M. world here have been:

1) thoughts of homeschooling this upcoming '08/'09 year. I'm absolutely mind boggled about what to do. Last year for Kindergarten I put together a hodge podge of my own stuff. I cannot do that this year. It's too much for me with new baby + homeschooling 2 kids :-O

Wait. I'm homeschooling two kids?? Whose life do I live?

I'm drawn to My Father's World since it appears to have the flexibility of hands on projects, unit studies, with all the preplanning done for you. I wish I could just see it in person first to be certain it will work for us. I also haven't had anyone I know tell me they have used and loved it.

I'm personally attracted to Veritas Press because I think it sounds wonderful. A close friend of mine uses it, also, with great success. Yet no matter how many times I attempt to talk myself into it I feel it is just too much for Isaac right now. I think he'd be overly stressed, which would lead to me being overly stressed, which of course results in the whole family being overly stressed.

I wish someone could just tell me what to do! I think my big hang up on purchasing curriculum is how pricey it is. If it wasn't working well I'd feel obligated to use it anyway. And as I mentioned, with a baby plus homeschooling 2 I'm just not feeling up to being frugal and piecing my own curriculum together for the year.

2) What to get myself for mother's day. Buying yourself gifts, Katie? Why yes, yes I am. But only because my husband gave me the early present of a gift card to Amazon - so I could order what I'd like in time for Mother's Day. I was blown away since it was more than I expected (It has 3 figures on it! :-O I know!) Jacob is darling compared to many men I know. I know a lot of husbands who don't give gifts to their wives saying "She's not my mother." But Jacob has told me in the past he wants to honor me more on mother's day than any other day of the year since I have blessed him with 5 children. What a catch, huh? :-) I know.. thoughtful, sweet, and totally dreamy. *sigh*

Unfortunately, gift cards of large proportions cause me to agonize and stress over what to get. I just keep thinking a gift card of this size doesn't come around every day so I have to be sure to get something I may not buy otherwise. And you know.. I just can't decide! I almost used half of it on some school things for the kids next year, but I was threatened with never being given a gift again if I spent it on anyone besides myself!

So what would you get at Amazon if you could get anything you wished? :-) Help me!


danica said...

Shiloh IS huge! Amazing!

I have a couple of friends here who are in love with My Father's World. If you'd like to get in touch with them, I can shoot you their emails. (They have younger children, FWIW.)

And I have no idea what I'd buy, given the broad choices of Amazon. I'd probably end up doing something lame like buying the entire list of classics I want to have on my bookshelf for our kids to read. :)

jackie said...

I'm also very drawn to MFW curriculum. Its been on my list for two years now. And since I'll be homeschooling two with a busy toddler running around, I also knew I could not pice together my own (which is what I've also done for K and 1st).

When I told Josh how much it would be for both the 2nd grace and the Kindergarden, he said , "Is it going to make your life easier and is it academic enough to challenge Lael?" I said yes and yes. He said (some of my favorite works) "I don't care how much it is. Get it."

Can't argue with that! But I'm still choking on the price. I haven't ordered it yet and probably won't until mid-summer because I know it will take me that long to justify the cost.

As for Amazon - I'd order an attachment for my Kitchenaid.

jackie said...

WOW. Its early and I haven't finished my first cu pof coffee yet.

Hence the terrible spelling.
Sorry. :-)

David said...

Very adorable kids, for sure. Noah still smiles for the camera, but if you ask him to smile, you end up getting a very funny face. Sometimes you get better pictures if you just ask him for a funny face. Those are cute.

Noah's funny face 1, 2, 3, and a photo of Frencesca for good measure. ;)

For amazon I would love to get some photography equipment, the Bible Exposition commentary (V1&2) by Weirsbe, and/or a bunch of music.