Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What's it worth?

My dream house is for sale. You might wonder how I know it's my dream house? Well, I've driven by it several times a week for the last 7 years. Across the street from my parents house is a field.. and down a little ways is the house. It's a tudor style, very swiss challet looking. It has several acres, the house is in a wooded area of the property and has a pond.

We have seen the inside of my parents neighbors' house directly next to them, an older farm house, and we loved it. Good house for a family, to make it the house I've always wanted would take many many years and lots of work, but that would be ok. So when they put it up for sale, we've talked about making that our lifelong home.

Now.. THE house, the tudor house, was put up for sale just recently. And I saw the pictures online and my heart melted. The bedrooms, the kitchen, fireplaces (oh yes, that was intentionally plural), the hardwood floors, the back yard.... *sigh* be still my beating heart.

As you can imagine... my dream house is ridiculously out of our price range. I can't even imagine moving right now. And... yet... oh, I want it.

I've spent a little while today.. thinking, doing math, trying to figure is there any possible way on earth. I had a tiny little voice pop up in the back of my mind convicting me, that all the planning, and mathematics, and loan figuring really doesn't fit into our plan of achieving debt free living. I took a deep sigh and realized... God knows my deepest desires.

And my deepest desires really aren't for my dream house. I want to see my husband doing what he is called to do, to see my children grow in God's love and wisdom, to see us walking in God's vision for our family, and achieving goals we've set for ourselves personally. A house doesn't accomplish that. Neither does working yourself to death to own the house.

Deep down, I would love to have my dream home but it's not worth the type of sacrifice it would take.

It's like when you're on a diet... and your biggest weakness is there for you to have. For me.. it would probably be either a large pepperoni pizza or New York Style Cheesecake. You could have your cheesecake.. but you'd have to work so much harder to have it and still make it to your goal. Most likely taking longer to make it to your real goal. Is it worth it? Hmm.. I do like pizza a lot. But no, not worth it.

So I go back to trusting the Lord. That when we truly need a larger home, He will provide the home and all the means to own it.


Julie said...

Katie- don't give up on your dreams no matter how ridiculous or impossible they seem!

Our God is in the business of making dreams come true and blessing His children.

Katie said...

Hi Julie - I think this is the second time you've commented, you said you met me at BTS? I can't view your blog - I'd love to if you tell me where! :-)