Saturday, March 29, 2008

My youngest baby to put little hair things in...

This picture makes my heart happy.. I thought I'd share



Tara said...

So cute. Yay for babies with lots of hair!

jackie said...

I'm so glad you remember me! Lael's name is very much a conversation starter. :-)

CFC is an amazing church and we have a wealth of wonderful teachers. It can be a bit isolating at times if you don't have a good support network. Since we have no family here and not very many (just one, really) close friends, its still hard at times. But we're slowly building relationships which is an area both my husband and I are slow in.

We are homeschoolers! Lael is finishing up first grade and Alyssa will begin kindergarten officially in the fall. Its a huge adventure for me because I had zero exposure to homeschooling until coming to CFC. But I enjoy it and cannot imagine ever sending my kids to public school. I would be so bored!

I am also more of a blog reader than a commenter. But getting comments is so fun that I also am trying to leave little notes for those blogs I do read.

As for the basket I used for an Easter centerpiece - you're the third person that has commented on it and I'm shocked! That basket was one we used in our wedding, to hold those little bubble jars. The grass was everything I had left over from last year. The eggs are from Dollar General. And I literally dumped the old magazines out of the basket and threw everything in there! Sometimes the quickest little things can come out just right.

And I leave long comments too so don't worry. :)

Rissa Webster said...

I love this picture. She's amazing. Oh my goodness...I wanna squeeze her.

jackie said...

I've also throw my own curriculum together, for the most part. My husband found a big book called Complete 1st Grade Curriculum at Borders. It has a full year of reading comp., spelling, writing and language arts. Oh and some math but I found it to be a bit behind what we needed. To suppliment math, she plays computer games and I buy workbooks at the Dollar store. Plus she does things like measuring rooms with her dad, baking with me, etc. to keep things fresh.

For history and science, we read and do unit studies as we can. In the fall we did a tree study. Then we did a Pilgrims lap book. CFA held a geography fair, so that was a big chunk of time for us. And now we're reading Farmer Boy and going through a short curriculum I found that studies both the historical aspects and also the science aspects, like how the weather affected their farm life.

For second grade, I'm also considering My Father's World. Its always been up there as my first choice if I were to ever spent that much money on a curriculum. My problem is that I'm infinitely cheap and spending hundreds of dollars on some books is hard for me. I know I'll probably need something more pre-planned this fall. With two in formal homeschooling and a busy toddler, I think its time for me to bite the bullet and buy some "real" curriculum.