Thursday, February 21, 2008

The update

I realized in my thinking I've been a blogging hypocrite lately... I've been visiting my fav's and, depending on the day have thought "Nothing new??" And... here it is Thursday Saturday and I haven't written anything in a while (I just checked with my husband to be sure it was actually Thursday today). <--- can't say that because it isn't Thursday anymore (when I originally started this post)... *sigh*

See... we're sick. Our first virus of the year that I can remember.. It started with Nora... then Wednesday someone was coughing along with her.. can't really remember who... it's been a battle of fevers, runny noses, and coughs for everyone since then. Shiloh has been bouncing between temperatures of 99.2 and 99.8 and we were instructed if it reaches 100.4 that we have to take her to the hospital. But... since it's been a few days I'm hoping she doesn't reach the high fevers of 103 that the other children had.

I said had because Giovanna's finally broke last night. I was up until 1 am when I had to run to Wegmans to get more Motrin since her fever stopped responding to Tylenol. After our experience with Nora have a seizure last spring from a fever I don't joke around with trying to keep their temperatures down. Standing in Wegman's I remember looking at three different boxes thinking... "I just can't read these, I'm so tired, which one do I get?"

Then I set my alarm every hour to check temperatures.. mostly for Shiloh since I'm not giving her Tylenol and trying to be sure it doesn't get to 100.4 Needless to say it was a long night.

I am not sick and am praying it stays that way. I have not had a virus yet this year and I'm praying that my strong immunity continues. Especially since I'm a tad run down with less sleep lately ;-) (a tad.. who am I fooling, you all know what a week like this feels like!!)

Shiloh has the saddest hoarse little cry and is fussy. Of course for her easy going personality fussy means if you pick her up she's content.

Everyone has been taking turns being camped out on the couch, chairs, floor in the living room. Nora was rustling around the coat closet and when I asked her what she was doing she said she needed a hat to make her head feel better... apparently Liam's hat does the trick!

Giovanna has had a few moments of sitting silently with tears streaming down her face. If you ask her what's wrong, she'll say in a little sad, quivering voice "I don't want to be sick forever." I guess when you're 4 a few days of sickness feels like a very long time.

So.. I'm hoping in a few days we'll be back to normal and I'll stop panicking about the laundry and cleaning I'm getting behind in (it frightens me to lose control of those things!). But I feel like I shouldn't complain as my friend is on her second round of strep for this year! :-(

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Tara said...

Aww.. So sorry to hear that all the kiddies are sick! Hope that it passes soon and that you can escape getting it too.