Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Quick Revisit to Making Your Own Cloth Wipes

My ever wise and adventurous friend, who is not daunted with the task of trying to make things herself, suggested a way that she sews her own cloth wipes. I wanted to put the idea in its' own blog for those who may not read comments. When she described how she did it, it was like a "duh, why didn't I think of that" moment.

Cut your material into whatever size and shape wipes you desire. Place right sides together, stitch, and trim any excess. Leave a small opening to turn right side out, the same as if you've ever made a pillow! Then just zig zag around the outside edge to close the opening and hold the layers together.

I will try to do this sometime soon and share with pictures!

Oh Tara.. you smarty pants!

On a side note : I've been thinking of knitting up some wool washies... I'll make one for up to 5 people who would be interested in trying it out and letting me know how they like using a hand knit wool washie in comparison to the rest of their wipes. The first 5 comments get one!


Sarah O said...

Ooh! Me! Me! I'll try one!

I was just going to comment and say I love using cloth wipes too. It's so much nicer to throw it all in the diaper pail instead of dividing out the yucky wipes and putting them in the trash. And since they aren't all nicely wrapped up in the dirty diaper, they stink! Plus, cloth wipes are so nice and big and thick. Disposable wipes seem so measly and thin after using cloth ones. My favorite wipes (of the few kinds I have tried) are the Happy Tushies wipes.
And, if I were to make wipes(which I haven't, but should..), I wouldn't even sew it inside out, just zigzag around the edges with the wrong sides together.

danica said...



Tara said...

Ooo you know I'd love to try! :) (So how would I wash it?)