Tuesday, February 5, 2008

M.o.M. Review: The Ultimate Wipes Warmer

So you thought I forgot. I took last week off and, well, this week I couldn'y get get my review in on Monday.

So this review is for cloth diapering mamma's.

I always said that a wipes warmer was an absolutely unneeded baby "accessory." Few times have I had to eat my words regarding my opinions on a product.... but this time is one of them.

If you use disposable wipes - just skip this. I think that disposable wipes being room temperature are just fine, and that you can completely get by without a warmer.

The other week I realized as I was waiting for the water to warm up coming out of my bathroom sink at 3 am (so that I could get our little baby washcloth wet to wipe Shiloh) that if I had a warmer... all my wipes could be pre-wet and nice and warm (So not to incur the wrath of my fiesty little baby in the middle of the night by using a cold wipe). Waiting for warm water to come out of the faucet in the middle of the night can take 3-5 minutes...AND... that meant that if we had 4 diaper changes through the night.. I could be saving myself 12-20 minutes each night! Wow that adds up to over 1 hour - 2 hours of sleep I could be getting more every week!

So I did it. I bought a warmer to use with our cloth wipes. I've been using it for a few weeks now and let me tell you - worth. every. penny.

It does a fantastic job keeping wipes moist and warm. I use my cloth wipes either with just water or Baby Bits solution (I got them free!).

I also have to say, I got it off e-bay for $20 and free shipping! So I felt even better about my splurge. Of course.. it's an investment in my rest, which means the rest of the family reaps the benefits of Mommy being well rested.

Since Shiloh is not our last baby (at least that we have planned, God is the one who ultimately decides) I don't feel guilty about purchasing a new piece of baby equipment for baby #5. Especially since said piece of equipment isn't hundreds of $$$.

So.. if you CD and use cloth wipes... it's not a neccessity... but this really is fantastic for in the middle of the night changes. Not to mention, I end up enjoying it all day long. Warm wipes really do such a great job at cleaning up more quickly. You also want to be sure to use the Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer as it will not dry out or brown your cloth wipes.

And on the note of CDing... Liam has been battling diaper rash terrible again and I decided.. I can do it. I can handle laundering cloth diapers for 2 babies and laundry for a family of 7. So I bought 2 covers for him to use with some prefolds & contours I already have.

And I think one of my upcoming posts will be how the average mom can easily, and affordably switch to cloth diapering.

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