Tuesday, February 12, 2008

M.O.M. Review: Nursing Pillows

I know, I'm not doing good for posting on Mondays.. :-)

I did not have a nursing pillow for my first baby. I didn't understand it's importance.

This is sort of a hard review to go by. The only nursing pillow I have had the experience of using is the Boppy pillow. So I'd like to use this opportunity to hear from other mothers who have used different brands of nursing pillows and why they like them. Because I think that first time Mom's might think that a nursing pillow isn't really important and I could not live without my Boppy now!

Speaking of my Boppy: I LOVE it and will list reasons why. When I was nursing my third baby I had terrible, almost crippling, tendinitis in both arms. Holding her weight up was almost unbearable, and having my arms bent in that 90 degree cradle hold was painful. With the nursing pillow not only could I rest my arms while nursing, but I could nurse her without using my arms to hold her.

So while I spend cumulative hours of each day nursing, I can nurse "arm free" and get some books read on my reading list as well!

I find it especially helpful for late feedings when you're very tired and nervous about nodding off, you don't have to worry about your arms falling down and dropping the baby!

It's also great to rest baby in, especially for a little while after feedings to help prevent spitting up their whole meal by having them propped up. Of course never leave your baby alone while resting on the pillow.

The Boppy is great for supporting babies while having tummy time playing.

I also love the Boppy for when babies aren't quite old enough to sit up on their own yet, to place them in the pillow to help them keep from wobbling right over while they practice excercising those baby abs!

So let me know what nursing pillows you use and like, and why you like them, so we can help pass on that helpful information to those who haven't used one!

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Debra said...

I received a Boppy as a shower gift but found the opposite to be true, I could not get the support for my arms that I needed and it killed my shoulders.
I LOVE my Bosom Baby nursing pillow from www.lunalullaby.com! Unlike the Boppy, this pillow was designed to be a nursing pillow first by a woman who is a speech pathologist with specialized training in feeding issues. So A LOT of thought has gone into making this pillow...but it's still simple.
And not only can it be used for tummy time just like a Boppy, it is large enough to even be used as a sleeping pillow which was great for me pre and post pregnancy.
I've actually compared my Bosom Baby pillow against my old Boppy and there is no comparison in terms of size, comfort and support. Although it is considered top-of-the-line as far as nursing pillows go, for me, it was well worth the cost.