Friday, February 15, 2008


So... I've taken to lying.

I know, I know.. please don't look at me like that! I already feel guilt that I'm trying to stuff in the back of my mind. Which is obviously not working seeing as how I'm writing about it.

It's not a big lie. In fact, the person it helps is me. Although I suppose in nature all lies help the liar... hmm.. I have always felt that a lie is wrong no matter what. And yet, here I am... resorting to untruths. Augh. The humanity.

So this is my big lie... when people ask how many children I have, usually it's then followed by "How old are you??? You look so young!"

When I say my age this look crosses their face. It's a look that says "She obviously is young and ignorant and doesn't understand how she keeps getting pregnant." Or sometimes in case the look didn't say it all, they actually ask me if I want to know how I keep getting pregnant.

So anyway.. I've been lying. I've decided I can be 29 for a long time... even past 29 I could stay "29" if I wanted , it sounds like a good number to me. And every time I have said lied and claimed to be "29" I've been told "Wow! You look great.. well good luck with your kids."

Interesting, huh? Maybe I could say I'm not lying to lie but performing a social experiment to see the cultural response...hmm.. does that count?

So tell me, dear readers......... is it wrong?

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Sarah O said...

Well, sometimes I can't remember how old I am, and I only have one child. So, it could become an honest mistake. : ) I literally had to think and think on Monday when I had to write my age on my jury duty form.
I think since people are so rude as to ask questions like that, you can give them whatever answer seems best. You could just avoid the question and ask them how old they are. People never seem to like that.