Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My sister Jeanette bought the kids matching sweaters for Christmas. Of course I decide that Shiloh should get one too, so that we can take a picture of all of them once she was home.

Much easier said than done! First of all, Isaac did not want to keep his sweater on, he was hot. He took it off twice by the time we finished getting everyone else together. Nora kept taking her socks off and didn't want any "pretties" in her hair.

I decided to put up each of the pictures as they tend to get more hilarious as they were taken :-) Giovanna seems to have a problem with remembering how to smile these days.

Then for whatever the reason, maybe the lighting?? Liam's curly hair looks like a mop on his head! Lol, Jake thinks he looks like he's wearing a wig.. I don't understand why it lookes so poofy and funny in the pictures.... but it's certainly good for a laugh.

Lastly, you can tell poor Shiloh had enough in the last few shots :-D hahaha... oh how we torture them.

Oh - and tell me which one is your favorite out of them all, we're having trouble picking which one to print up and send to the great-grandparents!

And I thought I'd put up a picture taken today of my little Quechua baby in the sweater my dad brought home for her from his last trip with the Quechua Benefit. With the hat off and all her dark hair she could pass as Quechuan!


brietta said...

As a photo series, they're each and every one a blast! But for stand-alone, I think I'd go with #3 or #4. :)

Cute, cute kids!

danica said...

I think #3.

And I love Liam's hair! I think it's adorable -- and those fat cheeks! Oh, he's edible!

And Shiloh looks like a doll in that last photo -- too good to be true!