Friday, January 11, 2008

A jumble of thoughts

So in typical fashion of life with a newborn my days are all kinds of mixed up :-) I'm never quite certain what day or date it is. And I've been very blessed to have someone here at the house every morning this week (except for today) to allow me to take an hour nap. Let me tell you, that nap + cup of coffee after getting up = happy mommy for the rest of the day :-) It's just enough to keep me going till bed time. I'm thankful that I have such great energy. I'm sure it's a combination of a better delivery and God's grace! You can't beat Holy Spirit energy, no full night of sleep required! ;-)

I've had lots of thoughts of blog content in the last few days, just to find I never actually wrote any of it down here.... :-) Nora has been saying the cutest/funniest stuff lately as one would expect from an almost 3 year old with a tremendous vocabulary. Every time I laugh I think "i need to write that down.... later." And now I know I can't wait, because I can't remember (I'm sure brought on by lack of sleep!)! Although one cute Nora-ism this morning was when she pat my stomach and said "I'm so happy you have a little tummy now."

While I don't have everything figured out (I hope we have plenty more children as I'm just starting to become comfortable and familiar with parenting!), lots of people have asked me what I have found to be helpful as a mom with lots of kids to test things on.

So in the future I will be putting up some reviews on Baby carriers, sleeping arrangements, baby "entertainers", miscellaneous baby items, cloth diapers (a personal favorite) and more. If anyone has any other suggestions let me know, as I may add it to the list!

Yesterday I felt like a Rockstar Mom. I had all 5 children dressed, fed, beds made, breakfast cleaned up, toddler down to nap, and our first load of laundry started by 9:30 am. This may not seem like a huge accomplishment, but compared to where I was at this time with my last 2 deliveries it's really big.

Now, this morning I've been up since 4:30..... I don't have quite all that accomplished. For those who know me well (and if you don't, now you do) I am not a morning person. 4:30 is rough for me. When the other children rose, Shiloh and I got up to make breakfast for Daddy and everyone..... very sleepily. But everyone is dressed and fed, and toddler down for nap again, half the beds are made. Not too bad :-)

And of all things that I don't have time for, I'm just aching to sew some curtains for the girls room. We have a valance up with the pattern for their new matching bedsets. I can just barely keep up with the routine and I want to work on projects? Now that's crazy :-)

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