Thursday, January 17, 2008

A little help please?

I need suggestions. I need a better way to organize my spices. Ok, sounds silly perhaps - but, if you do lots of cooking and baking from scratch, as I do, you know that it slows you way down to be rummaging around trying to find the oregano you know you just bought.

I had a spice rack that was given to me when we were married. I kept it around long after I wanted to get of it for the sentimental value. Finally when I couldn't take it anymore it was donated to Good Will. The problem is that it sat on the counter, and I do not have a lot of counter room so I can't use something like that. I also can't see something like this working, as I have way more spices on hand than 15. I would need like... 2 or 3 of them.

Currently I store my spices above our stove in 2 little cupboards, one for spices A - M and one for spices N-Z. I still can't find anything and can't stand it :-D So - for those of you who cook and have more than six bottles of spices on hand - how do you keep them organized?


Abigail said...

I also need help with spices! I recently discovered that I own THREE oreganos. That is two too many when you have a tiny kitchen!

I just left a message on your xanga, but then realized that you might not use it. Sorry! Anyway, thanks for your comment! My little ones are 3, 2 and 3 mos. We sure do love them!


Sarah O said...

I have two of these Real Organized™
4-Tier Deluxe Organizer Rack from Lowes (tried to insert the link, but it didn't work..) that I keep spices on. Some of my spices are the big containers from Sam's club, and they fit perfectly. I have them hanging in my stairway to the basement, (close, but not visible in the kitchen) but they might also fit on the back of a cabinet door. I don't keep mine organized by name, more by how I use them: baking spices, herbs, seasonings, etc. It works pretty well.

Sarah O said...

I should say more accurately that the tall jars only fit on the top shelf, but shorter ones fit fine on the other shelves.

Darlene Sinclair said...

I tagged you for one of those silly, fun games - if you have time. I do know how it can be - or at least I can imagine!

danica said...

I have two baskets inside my cupboard -- one has the "sweet" spices and extracts, the other the "savory". I just pull out the basket when I need something. I guess if you were going to be really fancy, you could label the tops of the jars, so that you could immediately see what was what...

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Katie, I am SO happy I stumbled across your blog! My dad and I started a company last year to make and sell a new kind of spice rack that would combat a lot of the issues you have mentioned (counter space, quantity of spices, finding fast, etc).

I think you'll love SpiceStack. It holds 27+ spices bottles from the grocery store in your kitchen cabinet. The 3 drop-drown drawers allow you to read all the bottle labels and even store spices up higher than normal and still be able to reach! Check it out at

We are going to start running a special on Feb. 1 where you can buy your 1st SpiceStack at full price and get a second for 50% OFF. I hope this helps. Happy Organizing!

Lauren, President, SpiceStack Inc.