Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A long day

Today is the type of day where Jake will be gone all day with work and other commitments, followed up by tomorrow in which I have something going on in the evening when he'll be home. Yuck! I have to remind myself that it's so great that after almost 6 years of marriage (on the 30th!) we want to be with each other all the time. Not typical by today's standards. Doesn't mean that I won't miss him though! BUT - the greatest part is, we were planning on going on an Elders and Wives retreat this weekend which fell through, so starting Thursday he has 3 days off in a row!! :-O That never happens.. we don't usually even get 2 days in a row, I don't even remember when it happened last. And in the exciting fashion in which we live our life nowadays, we're planning on using the time sorting through some junk and re-organizing parts of the house... oh the thrill!

Last night I went to bed an hour later than usual, Jake came home later than usual and I can't help but to stay up to see him and chat for a little while. Then I woke up at 3:30 feeling like the house was on fire it was so hot (hormones??) I was dying and begged Jacob to open up the window and let me sleep near it - he did of course, the darling. Needless to say I am TIIIIIRED this morning. And I really do have quite a laundry list (hahaha, which does include laundry!) of things to do.

But it's so hard not to sit here for hours by the open window, with the fresh air blowing in, enjoying the sunshine and Nora sitting here next to me telling me about her thoughts.... I love my little Ruby. Isaac and Giovanna are giggling in the sunroom playing house I think, and I really need to interrupt to insist on getting some more school work done. Soon Liam will be singing in his crib that he's awake... what a lovely Tuesday.

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ClearlyCrazy said...

I think that is what is so amazing about our marriages. That we are still so in love with our husbands that when we don't get to see them we miss them!!