Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The little things

Or maybe in this case, a larger thing. I'm so thankful for the extra-large size crockpot my mom gave me for my birthday! I've used it at least 6 times in the 2 weeks that have passed since then. Today I chopped up some organic carrots (yum! Our local Wegman's now carries organic carrots priced better than the "regular" ones! Thanks, Wegman's!), tossed them in the pot with red potatoes, stuffed a 4 1/2 pound chicken (oh the stuffing smelled so good!) and rubbed the outside with salt and pepper and put it all in to cook! Now my family will have a hot, delicious meal at dinner time while I'm out this evening.

My little break here has to be much shorter than usual... I have to start bundling children to run some errands soon. Today is one of those days that goes by much more quickly than you wish!

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