Thursday, January 13, 2011


I look at my three year old, then my ten month old, and back to my three year old. "OK - who drank my coffee??" It couldn't have possible been me. I would have remembered enjoying it more and certainly would have felt more awake by now. Maybe there's a leak somewhere in the bottom. That's ok, I just refill to have my "second" mug of the morning.

I love my blue snowflake mug, it's an extra large size that may or may not hold a lot more than 8 oz of coffee. And it makes me feel better to think I've only had two mugs of coffee as opposed to say 8 cups.

Morning is my favorite time around home. Now THAT is saying a lot. To anyone who has ever known me, mornings were not my strong suit. I just wasn't talented in that area. Try as I might, I'd say I got about a C - in mornings. As difficult as some mornings are to get the kids out the door and onto the bus on time, it's so amazing to see the 3 older children really take on personal responsibility for getting ready and getting themselves to school. Sometimes I do a double take when they come home and think "Now I KNOW you did not have that on when you went to school, I wouldn't let you out the door like that?!"

Once I get Liam on the little preschool bus I get over 3 1/2 hours with my two littlest littles. This time has been so fun to really connect with Shiloh and see her own little unique personality come out and emerge from the constant "I'm a toddler and I destroy" personality. Getting to spend so much time focusing on Brynn has also been a real treat to savor his first year. The milestones aren't going by in such a blur.

Shiloh almost always asks for air popped popcorn for a mid-morning snack. She loves the whole process and I don't have to have had my second mug of coffee to get in made, she walks me through the whole process. "Pour it in mom. Turn it on. Now get the butter. Salt! Salt! Salt!"

Brynn's favorite morning activity is bouncing in his jumparoo which is the best. invention. ever. He loves music and it rewards his bouncing with little tunes. He love all the toys around the seat and the ones that dangle above his head. And, mostly that boy just loves to jump. He's going to be an Olympic Pogo Stick Gold Medalist, since they'll have that sport by the time he's old enough. Certainly once I submit these videos of him bouncing in the jumparoo, training for the USA Gold, for a new olympic sport they'll realize it's the competition that's been missing.

I have to get the sheets switched on the beds before nap time here. Now who drank my second mug? I better get some paper towel for the leak that I'll inevitably find from the bottom of my mug.. there must be drips of coffee everywhere around here. Somewhere.

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