Saturday, September 19, 2009


I should be sleeping since I'm not doing homework.

I'm not. I'm blogging while waiting for my cold medicine to kick in so I can breathe and lay down simultaneously. The little things you forget you take for granted.

I have taken to turning the lights off and resting on the couch to keep little sneaky children from getting out of their beds for mischeif making and general sleep procrastination. This has been especially necessary with Shiloh. Shiloh became a baby escape artist a while ago. Her tiny little self is so agile and the upper body strength she has developed is amazing. I'm pretty sure she is in better shape than I am.

So the nightly ritual of going to bed, staying in bed, and staying in bed without multiple escapes to actually fall asleep can be quite a project. Tonight all her older siblings fell asleep and I was lying on the couch repeatedly taking her back to bed. Her last miniature escape attempt I decided to see what her reponse would be if my eyes were closed and she thought everyone in the house was sleeping except for her.

Darn her little pixie like, tip-toe walking, cuteness that she is! She climbed up on the couch with me, snuggled up and laid her head on my chest and fell right to sleep. How am I going to resist that every night???!


Persuaded said...

We did a sort of modified family bed- and it was a life saver for me. I actually got a reasonable amount of sleep and it reduced the bedtime struggles to almost nothing. Our house rules: everyone starts the night in their own bed, but if they awoke during the night they could come in with mama. At first my bed was a full house by morning time... not such a bad thing to have a little face or two to wake up to if you ask me;) But as the years have gone on, the kids have one-by-one gradually come to happily spend the night in their own rooms. Some people may not approve, but I think the kids needed the security of knowing I was there *all* the time. Children of single parents need a little extra bit of the parent they've got, if you know what I mean♥

danica said...

that's awesome. *sigh*

Jane said...

The idea of the cutness of this picture and the sweetness of that little face nearly brought tears to my eyes. I say give in and enjoy it every night you can. : )