Friday, February 6, 2009


WOW has it been cold. Do you live in the frigid north? Are you managing to stay warm!??

I've been having fun planning warm weather activities once spring rolls around.

I've wanted to go camping with my kids ever since I had my first and haven't done it. This year is the year!

I've been doing some reading online for how to camp successfully with children. Here are some of the tips I've gathered:

*Do a test run of camping in your backyard. This gives you (and the kids) practice at setting up and tearing down camp, cooking outdoors, and the whole experience with the safety of home nearby.

*Read books about camping together.

*Create Camp Chore Cards for your kids so that everyone has their own special jobs to help things run smoothly and keep the peace.

*Plan special age appropriate activities : giant bubbles, scavenger hunts, fishing, etc.

*Remember special snacks for nighttime. Maybe something that is a "comfort food" in case they get a little homesick.

*Bring a disposable camera for each child to take their own special pictures of the trip.

*Make sure you bring alternate "inside" activities if you have bad weather.

Do you guys have any of your own family camping tips to share?


Erin said...

My tips are don't forget the pillows, and don't stay too many nights. The novelty of camping wears off pretty quickly, especially on the first trip. Have fun!

Jenn said...

My advice- it can be fun, but be prepared for a lot of work and a bit more dirt! Especially if your tenting it.

ryleeandnoahsmom said...

As you know, we have a pretty large back yard, so our favorite "camping" spot is our backyard. We have a big fire pit, and the comforts of home (like a REAL bathroom, running water, and a kitchen) are just steps away. The kids and I feel like we are camping but without the hassle. Maybe this year or next we'll try camping at a real campground, but for now, this is the best of both worlds : )