Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peace in the Home part 1

The session at the Above Rubies retreat that I went on that spoke most to my heart Nancy called "How to have Peace in the Home." I don't think Nancy would mind that I share her 14 points here and expound on them myself.

The very first point was, pray for peace. Some of us may sort of cringe inwardly when we hear this because we are frustrated with the lack of peace and then convicted for the lack of prayer. Others may roll their eyes like "Oh of course pray is the first point." But it's so powerful. Do you pray for peace in your home every day? I have not. I just sort of magically expect it to happen, and I'm let down when it's not there. Kind of silly, isn't it?

Nancy said it's a concept of sowing and reaping. Nothing happens by nothing. How true is that?

The sowing and reaping concept led into her second point, speak peace into your home.

Nancy shared about reading scripture at the morning and evening meal. I have young children, so although I may not expect any great theological discussion from them - I do believe speaking God's scripture contains power within in. And I think that just reading the scripture out loud to them will sow seeds into their little hearts and minds. This is not hard to do. My children are very quiet while they eat, and they eat a lot, so I have ample time at breakfast to read whatever scripture out that I'd like!

One of the more important things I took from this second point was that peace is not necessarily quiet, peace is an atmosphere. Think that one over.

Today I encourage you, stop right this moment and pray for peace in your household. Then make an effort to speak peace in some way. Whether that be through reading scripture out loud, or speaking a gentle word to someone. Please, share your thoughts on this and of course the results!

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