Saturday, September 13, 2008

The kitchen update

So after many requests, here is what happened with the kitchen.

The faucet stopped working. It was going to be just a simple replaced the faucet job. But when my husband took it off, he saw something was done incorrectly.. and the sink underneath was corroded and ruined.

Ok, so sink and faucet! Except when he pulled the sink out... the counter was ruined.

I didn't take a good before picture. But this gives you the idea of what the kitchen looked like when we moved in. This light blue counter top that stains, I mean really.. laminate that stains??? Yes, it does/did.

This is a picture of the first piece of new counter top Jake put down.

And in this picture, the morning light coming through the window makes the counter look much darker than it is. But the sink is black speckled granite looking, so that is accurately dark. And my new faucet. I can finally wash dishes! Who would've thought that'd be so exciting? Hmm.. not me ;-)
And while we're at it.. here's a picture of the new color we will be painting in the kitchen. I know.. normally, you think you'd paint before putting on the new counter and sink, etc. Except.. well.. I was without a sink.. for weeks. And in a house with 7 people, that just cannot be. I almost broke down and resorted to paper plates and disposable flatware - but I didn't! Aren't you proud? I had growing admiration for pioneer women back in the day.

It's called Pumpkin Pie. I can't wait! Jake and I are doing all the work ourselves.. so it's going to be quite a while till the finished product. But I can't wait to see it! I will definitely put up the "after" pictures for you all to see!


Kathryn said...

Mercy, Katie! I can empathize. I've begun many "simple" projects/repairs that ballooned into full-blown, one-thing-after-another, big ol' undertakings. (Right now, I need to replace some tiles in my shower, but I'm afraid to see what's underneath!!!)

Can't wait to see the kitchen dressed in "Pumpkin Pie"! :-)

danica said...

How fun!! Can't wait to see it all.

brietta said...

Oh yay for new kitchen work! :)

Is your sink acrylic or composite? Do you like it so far?

Katie said...

@brietta - it's composite. Jake picked it out actually... in fact, he picked out the counter too. I'd normally want to have some input I think but I was so excited to 1) have a sink again and 2) get to choose the paint color that I didn't mind at all!

And so far, it's fantastic! Seems to clean up so much better and easier than stainless.

Jenn said...

Looks like its going to turn out really pretty. So glad you finally have your kitchen sink back.

Eliza Ray said...

I can't wait to come visit you guys and see your kitchen!!

Aahhh it's so weird to not just drive over real fast. Bleh.