Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

My sister shared the following conversation she had with my daughter the other day:

Giovanna : "Why do people buy iPods?"

Jessica - was not given a chance to respond

Giovanna : "I mean, why do they buy them if they don't use them? They buy them just to have them and not use them?"

Jessica : "What do you mean?"

Giovanna : "My Daddy has an iPod and he never uses it. It just sits around all the time." (not true, by the way)

Jessica : "Well..."

Giovanna lets out a big sigh : "I wish I had an iPod"

Jessica : "So you could not use it?"

Giovanna : "Yeah... like everyone else"


Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Too cute! She probably never sees him using and has followed her logic - love the way the work stuff out!

David said...

lol! That's awesome!

Rissa said...

Honestly...that little girl is amazing. She cracks me up!

And for some reason, this makes me miss Jessica! Probably because she's GREAT! Can I come back now?