Monday, August 4, 2008

oh family photos

Because I love looking at pictures of all of your families, I thought I would share some we took today. I also share it because they're the only pictures of the 7 of us we've taken since Shiloh was born. Yes. She's 7 months old. First family photo op. We're a tiny bit behind.

The picture progression is quite hilarious. Jake looks like he's in pain for half of them, I look like a cheesy game show host in 2 of them. And the rest were a hodge podge of child antics.

But I won't share them all because I do have a little bit of pride ;-)

However, here are the 2 best and I'm counting on you all to tell us which is your favorite so we know which one to send out.

picture a:

picture b:


Tara said...

I vote for photo #1. Nora's face is hilarious! I love it. Plus you can see more of Shiloh.

We are really bad about family pictures and there's only three of us at the moment!

Oh, and for the record, Liam has the best hair. (Though I'm sure you already know that :-)

Great pictures!

Jenn said...

I also vote for #1. We are bad too about family pictures. Our last one was when Lauren was 8 months old she is 2 now!

Mrs. Querido said...

I vote for picture "b"...I love how the baby is looking over at your other kiddos.

We are horrible about family photos..mostly because we don't have the funds to hire a fabulous photographer and our camera does not have a

The last photo we took together as a family was when Miss Precious was dedicated...ah...a year ago.

Sarah O said...

I like "A" best, although with such a beautiful family, any of them would work! I don't think we have ever done an official family photo... and we have a photographer in the family.

David said...

That is a great family photo!

Kristin said...

Oh, hard choice! I like them both. I think B is my favorite, but really, A is great, too.

I am a fanatic about pictures, but since I'm the photographer, I don't end up in many. Thankfully, my sister takes pics, too, so we have a few family shots.

Mrs. Querido said...

I love the new blog design :)

Amy Giove said...

My vote would be A on the photos. But, I think you'd be the best at deciding as I know I can't see them either nearly as clearly as you can in person. I've found that sometimes I'll even have to have one printed of each to see clearly which one is best.

Rissa said...

I like B! These are awesome. Can I just say that I LOVE this family? Aaah!


Marisa said...

beautiful family! I like #1 (or "a") the best but either one is great!

Carpenters said...

I'm impressed. Getting a family picture of the four of us is hard enough. They both look great. My vote is picture a.

With Love,

Amy Jo said...

I like photo A the best. Your hair is really cute, BTW!