Friday, August 1, 2008

Gluten Free Friday Week 7

With all the giveaways going on I nearly forgot it was Friday! I actually haven't entered that many this time :-) but have been trying to read each comment that I've received, how caring, thoughtful and sweet so many people have been!

This Gluten Free Friday will be brief to say this:

Remember the blog, Triumph Dining, I told you about last week? Well, they have a special going on for the month of August.

They're giving away a free American Dining Card. You do not have to pay shipping, only a $0.70 handling charge. (so, free for the price of $0.70 ;-D)

This card will help you when you go out to eat at a restaurant by informing your server and chef what is and is not OK for you to have in your food or used to prepare your food.

It takes less than a minute to read (according to the website), folds up to fit in a wallet, and is laminated to remain durable. I'm waiting for mine in the mail but thought you may be interested in getting one of these for yourself!

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