Thursday, July 3, 2008


Remember not too long ago I mentioned our decision to sponsor a child through Compassion? Today we received our first letter from her. Her father is dead (we weren't sure if he was, or if he had left his family) and she is the youngest of 5 kids (we thought she was the youngest of 6 kids).

She spoke of her village and how much she enjoys it. She attends Sunday School and wanted to know about our family and what our "village" was like. I was so blessed and humbled as she thanked us repeatedly for sponsoring her and said she prays for God to bless our family and asks Him to give us grace and blessing in all that we do.

On one hand I feel so proud and thankful of our decision to sponsor a child. And on the other, I feel so embarrassed to be thanked so profusely for giving a meager $32 a month. You would think that we left a large inheritance to her by her gratefulness. $32 a month means doing some adjusting in our budget and lifestyle, but we could make it work. But it certainly wasn't impossible and it's almost shameful to feel like someone thinks we've made a great sacrifice to help her needs. It quite seriously causes me to ask myself the question "What took us so long to do something so right?"

Challenge yourself, take the poverty quiz below.


Rissa said...

We did it. Ever since I saw your first post about sponsoring, I've been stirred toward doing it ourselves. So, today, I signed up! Thanks for sharing about this stuff. :)

angie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. What a great thing to do to sponsor a child. I did before I was married, and your post has got me thinking about it again. Thank you.