Friday, July 18, 2008

Gluten Free Friday Week 5

Since it's summer time, grilling hot dogs is in order. My favorite Hebrew National hot dogs are gluten free! If you have never tried them, you must! They are absolutely amazing.

I learned that WalMart's Brand, Great Value, will boldly print "Gluten Free" under their ingredients list when their item is gluten free.

I also found out that the city we live near has a Celiac's Support group. If you are gluten free or going to become gluten free I highly recommend getting in touch with one! I don't plan on going to any support meetings, but they have a great website with a very long list of local restaurants that offer gluten free menus. Including a place to get pizza around here!

Lastly, but most certainly NOT the least, I have learned about Turtle Mountain.

Turtle Mountain
makes Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Gluten Free ice cream. Even their Cookie Dough ice cream is gluten free!!!! I love cookie dough ice cream, so I was absolutely elated to find this out. I will be trying it soon and letting you know how it is!

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redeemed said...

Turtle Mountain ice cream is AMAZING. You will love it.

Also, Kraft is another brand that very clearly states their allergens. All companies are supposed to list allergens plainly (since this was passed). But some are more clear than others. Great Value, Kellogs and Kraft are some of the easy ones.