Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Winner Is...

I was reminded that I said I'd hope to announce the winner this weekend.

*sigh* I know you're all waiting.

Can I just tell you how hard this was? Such great suggestions. I'm having the hardest time narrowing it down!

And don't you know I was at a party last night where a new mom came up to me and said "I heard from your sister you cloth diaper. Do you know how to fold flats?" I kid you not, this happened in my real life. This woman had no idea what she was getting into ;-) But I had to scribble some of my info down on a scrap piece of paper, augh. If I only had a card with me. Which brings me to the point of making a decision.

~By far the most inexpensive route to go is using a pre-made template at gotprint or vistaprint.

If you're able to design your own graphic you can upload it at gotprint or vistaprint. This I am not able to do.

~After that, Mommy Calling Cards on Etsy are a great deal, and you can get them in small quantities.

~The Mommy Card is a cute way to incorporate pictures of your kids on your calling cards. It's also reasonably priced, but you have to buy a large amount at once making it a bigger investment.

~From Fruition Designs I'd be happy with pretty much any single one of their designs. So cute it's ridiculous. This suggestion by Rissa was actually the runner up, I really like the Bethany Mommy Card.

Ultimately, after much inner turmoil, I had to choose Dave. Because I love the concept #1 design that he created just for me! I love love love the black and white design with PINK. How I love the color pink. The only thing is I think my picture needs to come off there. I don't know what will go in there instead (suggestions, Dave?), I don't exactly have a picture of all 5 munchkins sitting angelically for a picture ;-) Maybe I'll work on trying to snap one tonight!

So Dave.. you will also win some Mommy Cards? Hahaha ;-) I guess you can have Daddy cards ;-)

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Jenn said...

I'm glad you found the mommy cards you liked. Now get them printed up it sounds like you need them;)