Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One of my worst fears

I've always had this fear of slipping my shoes on to have some sort of live, creepy, crawly thing on the inside. I almost always check my shoes, which is sort of funny considering there aren't really any frightening pests around where we live. Unlike when my darling husband was in Iraq and he said they had to check their boots every single time for camel spiders or scorpions. *shudder*

Today we were hurriedly getting ready after lunch to go to a homeschool co-op meeting at a park. "Get your shoes on!" I hollered to Giovanna who was debating sandals versus sneakers. She decides sneakers pops one on her foot and starts shrieking "Oooohhh, yucky, there's something in there, it's hurting!"

I rush over a little frustrated that she's taking so long, pop the shoe back off and - decide she's wearing sandals. I tell her to run back to the shoe rack to get them and then calmly walk out the front door to where my children can't see me. I then shake the shoe to rid it of a black, hairy spider the size of nickel - squash it, then proceed to do this weird shiver, in-case-some-mysterious-spider-got-on-me-from-the-shoe-dance, yelling "eewwwww!" thing.

I hope my neighbors weren't watching!

Please, go check your shoes!


Jenn said...


Sam said...

ewgh! I really didn't need to know that!! You'll have me checking my shoes for weeks now!! ;-)

~ANG said...

Oh man, I haven't checked my shoes in a while before putting them on. While living on Moloka'i we always had to check for cane spiders, giant cockroaches with the ability to fly (affectionately known as 747s), scorpians, and centipedes. Eeeeewwwwww. Hawaii has lots of monstrous bugs, but NO snakes. Anyway, I'll be checking my tennis shoes for a while.:o)