Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday M.o.M. Review : Regular vs. Organic

I have to say I feel like this review is almost cheating a little, because I already told you about my favorite cloth wipes, Kissauvs. But I want to be sure to let you know about a little difference I discovered, so you don't make the mistake I did.

I went to order more of my favorite wipes, and the store I ordered them only had the Organic Kissaluv wipes in stock. So I thought, why not? It's a pinch more expensive, but hey.. organic just makes it even better right?

It turns out, that the organic wipes are not the same wipes at all. They are not only different in name (one being organic, one not), but they are completely different types of terry.

The original Kissaluv wipe is thick, plush, with long loops of burley knit terry. The Organic Kissaluv wipe is thiner, with very, very small loop terry - like a french terry, maybe finer. The whole wipe in comparison is not one I'd pick for scrubbing icky toddler bottoms :-)

I took a picture to try to show you the differences.

Essentially, they have three things in common : 1) they're both by Kissaluv 2) they're both about the same size 3) they're both unbleached.

Other than that, you don't get more bang for your buck this time.


Rissa said...

You know, it's interesting that you wrote about this in light of my whole search for flats over the past few weeks.

I kept looking and looking for organic flats - and finally, I found some hemp ones. I was about to order them for $6/diaper and then, in some small print below, I saw that they aren't "snappi-able." Well, that's all I use! And, I really didn't feel like spending $6/diaper AND buying pins. Obviously pins aren't very expensive, but I guess it just made me realize that $6 for a 27x27 piece of fabric just seems like too much.

So, I went to your site and clicked the link to your Amazon store where the Gerber flats are selling for $10.29/12 diapers. It just doesn't compare!!

All in all, I realized that I just have to find a balance - organic feels good, but sometimes it's not worth the extra money and/or the quality doesn't actually compare, like in your case!

Anyway...there's my long-winded comment.

I miss you. I hope you're well :) Can't wait to see you...


brietta said...

I love my kissaluv wipes! Good to know I've got a good thing; I'll stick with 'em. :)