Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday M.o.M. Review : Galloping The Globe

By a real life person I was told "Not everyone is interested in cloth diapering." For real? There are people out there not interested? I'm shocked.

So today, I'll hit another demographic... homeschoolers ;-) (and if someone says "Not everyone is interested in homeschooling" I'll just die of surprise!)

Galloping the Globe is a book my Mom recommended to me a few months back. This is one that is going to be on our shelves 'till it falls apart! It's an excellent source for Geography Unit Studies. With activities and book recommendations as simple enough for our preschooler to join in with through 4th grade. I'm betting that you crafty, homeschooling moms could use it for even more years than that.

You can use Galloping the Globe by itself as curriculum, unit study style, for :


Or you could use it to supplement curriculum you're already using. There's a wealth of information, and the layout is very straightforward (5 stars from me for that!)

The majority of literature lists have been available through our local Public Library. There are reproducible sheets in there if you want to be able to use the book for multiple years, which I highly recommend as there is no way you can get all the literature and studies done in just one year.

This book is filled with lots of fun activity and game ideas as you study country by country around the world.

I think it's a must have for every homeschooling family, and for $16.47 how can you beat that?! It's worth far more.

We've been very happy with Galloping the Globe. The kids love the books we've read and activities we've done, and even I've been learning lots of things along the way (I know.. you're thinking, "Already? Shouldn't you have Kindergarten level material down?").

The best part? Everyone has had fun learning.


~ANG said...

Thanks so much for sharing about that book. I am always on the lookout for great homeschool books. It's not always easy to find great books, so I'll looking into this one...thanks. What? Are there people out there not interested in homeschooling?

Amy said...

So - I never used cloth diapers, and I don't home school - but I think my 3rd grader would love reading/working through this book with me! Thanks for the recommendation =)