Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adios Dora!

This was the mood at our house on Tuesday night.

What would make my happy girls so sad?

If you look behind Nora, you'll see my husband taking care of some cords or something from taking the TV out of our house. We are now TVless in our house.

Not because of any particular reason. In fact, I had been asking Jake to take it out for a while because I honestly wanted more space in our living room. Sounded like a good enough reason to me!

The other day we were doing some rearranging and he said "You know what? It does take up too much room. And I don't like the kids watching anyway."

Granted we only ever watched Public Television... but.. we had both occasionally felt like we'd rather put a movie on as a treat rather than the TV. It had also gotten difficult because Liam learned how to turn th TV on.

So we are TV free for a while. The children are mourning their loss. I have enjoyed not having any TV noise in the background and chasing Liam away from the TV repeatedly.

We actually plan on selling the TV at a yard sale, whenever we get around to having one. The plan is that eventually... we'll get one of those flat ones we can hang up on the wall. So that when we do have TV it will be very limited and controlled by mom and dad only. I like that.

Jake likes that.

The kids do not like that.

Nora laid down and cried "But I LOVE Dora!!!!" No reassurances of the occasional Dora DVD made her feel better.

The living room looks so much nicer!!!! (That and the best show ever doesn't have any new episodes till fall anyway ;-D!!!)


Casey said...

We have been thinking about doing the same thing. We usually cancel our cable plan during the summer anyway, and have talked about getting rid of the TV altogether. We do watch a few shows, but now they are all on the internet so that gives us another reason to go for it.

The only foreseeable issue is Red Sox baseball... guess he'll just have to listen on the radio! :)

Rissa said...

Ahh, freedom!

We got rid of our TV a few weeks ago, and it has been so nice! We were able to rearrange all the furniture and things are sooo much more open. We, like you guys, really never watched anything and only had local channels, anyway. Honestly, the TV was just getting in the way, you know?

Wee for no TV!

Let us know how Jake's doing!

Christie O. said...

Good for you! How empowering that must feel! (As I blog with the tv on in the background). I have thought about the same thing and I love the freedom that comes with having it off completely. You may be onto something here.