Thursday, May 15, 2008


Somehow this past week and a half has gone by like a whirlwind. I literally don't know how the time has gone. Whenever we have any little extras, be they doctors appointments, or locking your keys in the car (oh wait, we don't schedule that), it seems as though my time tears itself out of my grasp and taunts me as it dashes around faster than I can keep up.

Mother's Day was a great day. My husband dashed out of our bedroom escorting out our early morning riser so that for my 1 day a year I could sleep in blissfully. I woke at 8:05, all I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!! It felt great to sleep until 8:05, even though 7 years ago I would have laughed if you told me I would someday think rising at 8:05 was a luxury.

As I was washing my hands in the bathroom Jake poked his head in the door and shouted "GO BACK TO BED!" I said "But.. I'm done sleeping!" "GO BACK TO BED!" so I did.. and I laid there. I could hear lots of scrambling around the kitchen, loud talk about crayons, markers, and strawberries. So I tried to be patient. Soon Nora came into the bedroom with a bowl of yogurt with fresh strawberries sliced in it. After thanking her for it she smiled very big, threw her hands into the air and yelled "Happy Valentine's Day!!!" Just as proud as could be. I said "Happy Valentine's Day, baby!" There was no way I was correcting her - she was too adorable!

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