Monday, May 5, 2008

Sagging Economy

In my distress over different economic crises and the doom and gloom on the news, food shortages in the world and panic over gas prices, I'm even more inspired to continue both : 1) pursuing our goal of debt-free living and 2) becoming self sustainable.

In my typical M.o.M.ness I'm sort of scatterbrained thinking and researching things. I get an idea, see future potential benefits, mull it over. Which makes me think of something else and begins the whole process over again. I tell you people, you would not want to be party to the constant barrage of thoughts that keep my brain spinning all day. Just thinking about the thoughts is exhausting me right now!

Aaaaanyway, I found at our local grocer's a packet of heirloom brandywine tomato seeds among the other organic seeds for sale. Heirloom seeds? You can still buy those? Yes, you can! My mom scrounged up a packet of heirloom Amish Paste Tomato seeds last year, and is growing 12 little tomato plants from the seeds she saved from last year. So I planted each and every one of them today in my little planter starter thingies (how's that for country speak for you! My southern friends, are you impressed?) I decided instead of putting in 2 per spot and then potentially having to weed one out if they both grow.. I'd just plant them individually and get more plants that way! I want to make my own ketchup this year, can tomatoes and tomato juice. So I'm waiting to see if my 52 little seedlings emerge.

So I start the process of looking for more heirloom seeds tonight. My mom and I have been e-mailing back and forth, which is funny given we live only 2.06 miles away, all about different websites with heirloom seeds, garden ideas, etc. And then I come across this.

For those of you who don't want to click the link because you are just dying to read the rest of my blog first - I love you. So I'll tell you about it first. It's all about growing a Victory Garden. Which when I read the phrase, physically felt some rusty wheels in my memory start turning. I remembered learning about Victory Gardens and reading historical fiction in which they were mentioned.

Here's what I really found inspiring : During WW I and WW II, Americans were encouraged to grow Victory Gardens to help support the war effort. Perhaps now is the time to renew that practice. Previously, people were asked to grow their own produce, so more of the commercially grown produce was available for the relief effort overseas. Those unable to grow their own were forced to use rationing coupons. The new war on terrorism is different from previous wars, and no one is predicting the American public will need to endure food rationing, as previously done the first two world wars. But, America still needs the support of the people, and our economy needs to keep functioning in order to lessen the effects of the war on the home front. By growing your own Victory Garden, you can save money. That money can then be used to help support the war effort, either by donating it to charity or spending it to help our sagging economy. Why not start planting the seeds for tomorrow's future.... plan your Victory Garden today!

OK! I'm inspired, people! You should all be getting a good chuckle from that as I've told you before, I have not been able to have a successful garden yet. Somehow I manage to kill it all and here I am wanting to grow a Victory Garden.

What I find interesting is that even if we don't all agree on the War on Terror, we all are feeling the chest pains from the anxiety of economic burdens. It's the big points for all our 2008 presidential candidates right now. So if we're all feeling it, why aren't we all being encouraged as we were in the past to do our parts at home? Grow our own food? Be sustainable? I read that in the WW II era, 40% of the food consumed was grown in family or community Victory Gardens. While we aren't at a place of food being rationed out, can you imagine the boost to the economy if 40% of our food was grown at home and our money being spent elsewhere?

So if you haven't guessed it yet... that's right, more information to keep the brain spinning. Of course if I can grow a successful garden this year then that will just solidify my thoughts that all Americans should be considering doing the same :-)

For those of you who want more scientific information to puruse, this seems a good place to start. For another source for Victory Garden seeds besides the one I linked to before, here's a place to buy individual ones instead of a bulk package. And if you think your yard is too small, I highly recommend the book Square Foot Gardening to make the most of growing in small spaces!!

So what are your thoughts on Victory Gardens, being self sustainable, long term food storage, and anything else that could cause me to fly into a M.o.M. panic for research and preparation?

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Joanna said...

I would love to have a garden. We don't have the room in our yard. Though I have thought about container gardening. This would be seeable. You have encouraged me to give it a go soon. I am not happy with the produce that is coming from our local grocery store anyways. So, I should just grow our own! And the money we could save would be much needed!!