Friday, May 16, 2008

Jump start

This morning I was stumbling around the kitchen, late for my morning routine. The alarm didn't go off and the kids also slept in. My friend would be arriving soon to drop off her son to play for the day... I did my one-eye-open, hobble around, where's the stuff to make coffee (stuff = ground coffee + the scoop) shuffle.

As I was trying to count out scoops of grounds the girls were chattering incessantly. I had to dump the filter out twice for losing track while trying to keep them happy with answering them. Eventually I said "Girls, I just need a minute to make coffee. Can you wait please?"

To which Giovanna turns to Nora and says "It's ok, Nora. When you become a grown up you can't think anymore until you have coffee."

Oh dear.


Carole said...

Hah! Nice.

Eliza Ray said...

Hahahah. Best ever. I love your kids.