Tuesday, May 6, 2008


What to even title this? I have no idea still. So I'll cut to the chase and pick a title at the end.

I locked my keys in the car.

I had gone to a dr.'s appointment, stopped for gas, then couldn't get back in my car. I'm still not sure how it happened. It was not fun. I only had my t-shirt on and where we live, it's not all flowers and sunshine yet.. unlike some people (the nerve they have taunting us with their pictures!)

I stood in dumb shock for a moment, and although I knew full well that if my driver's side was locked then so was the rest of the car I still chose to test out each door. Oh, and added bonus? My cell phone was in the car. Of course.

So, the friendly lady inside the gas station let me use the phone. Know what I found out? Now that everyone carries cellphones and has every number they should ever answer programmed into their address book, they don't answer when an unknown number calls. This is true. I scientifically proved it today.

So I call AAA and join on the spot. I do not recommend this. I recommend you join right now before a crisis. On the spot they charge you an extra fee if you have an emergency when you're joining. But.. I needed my keys, and it was not that much less to call a garage so.. might as well spend the money and get a membership.

While on the phone signing up, my mother calls the other phone I called from as a friend's husband walks in simultaneously with my husband on his cell phone. Suddenly the calvary had arrived, but I was already purchasing my own rescue. Have credit card, will travel.

Here's the weird thing that happens to me. When I'm under stress I start thinking.. thinking about each possible scenario, what do I need to do, what's the next step, how does it work out. The more stress, the more I think. Then something like my friend's husband arrives.. and when I see someone familiar, someone who wants to make sure I'm OK... I get all emotional and forget logic. Just seeing him wait outside by my car to make sure I'm OK while on the phone as some interesting characters go in and out of the gas station makes me start getting teary eyed, hand him the phone and say "I don't know what to DO!!"

Funny thing is, I'm not really chummy with him... I know him, but not well. So if I start crying it would be REALLY weird. Did I mention really? I did? Yeah, it would be really weird. So I take a deep breath, go out and thank him for coming, assure him I'm fine, and tell him to go ahead and leave I'll be OK.

I'd rather have not waited alone.. but alone is preferable to getting all girly and crying all over the place over something as silly as locking my keys in the car. So in that case, I was happy to be alone.

Is there a point to this post besides me proverbially banging my head against the wall of the internet in frustration over being so silly?

Hmmm... let me see

1) Join AAA now. It's cheaper to join their basic membership now then to call a garage and have them come unlock your car, true story.
2) If you do join AAA when having an emergency, it costs extra money. No one likes to spend money they don't need to so... don't wait until you're in that spot. How about this - I spent the extra money so you don't have to, just join!
3)Where I live, the police will no longer unlock your car for you, and that may also be true in your state. So don't assume your local officer friendly will come help you.
4)Having 5 kids in 6 years causes some kind of brain damage so you don't even remember locking your keys in, let alone how it happened
5)You're never alone as you think you may be. Someone you hardly even know will come to your aid if they think somehow they can help. I should know this after my Walmart experience. Deep down, people like to help others.
6)If your mom knows you're stranded somewhere along a 10 mile stretch of road she and your father will drive the whole thing checking each and every gas station for you.
7)A bright red minivan is easily found.

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