Friday, April 11, 2008

Sampler piece

I've really developed quite a fondness for the world of blogging - and the best part is I know I've only scratched the surface. I stumbled upon 5 minutes for mom, when reading a little favorite blog I found during another contest (sheesh, do I not have enough time? Worry about me, people), and their Ultimate Blog Party. Since the party, there were a few blogs I discovered that I have actually kept lurking at (hey, 1 I comment on at times and she comments back, how good is that?!) that were very encouraging in one way or another to me as a wife, mom, Christian, individual, artist, etc.

So.. intro aside, one blog was called We are THAT family. She makes me chuckle. Because honestly I think every family is THAT family, you know the ones.. we all think "Oh, one of THOSE families.." we're all those families, one way or another. She was featured today on 5 minutes for mom. She wrote a sampler for them. What's that? Yes, I wondered the same question. So I look into it.

I read this : "We love hearing from bloggers and welcome submissions."

Oh yay! Because, as I mentioned, I'm enjoying blogging and sharing all of the wonderful thoughts that happen to scurry through my mind as often as I can. Fun!

Then this : "The purpose of The Sampler is to showcase you and your writing style. Thus, we want you to be yourself and submit content that is a reflection of who you are as a blogger."

Ok, but now I'm a little worried. Because I'll start over analyzing what I wrote and "Is it me?" *edit* "Is it me now?" *edit* *edit* "What if they read my submission, then my real blog and say "What!?? That isn't her!" AAAAHH"

If you wondering, yes, I can think this whole scenario out in a nano-second. I live this. Hmmmmmm..... maybe this is why Jake encourages my blogging... all my rapid thoughts are fired out into cyberspace subjected onto you all so I less frequently take out my incessant need for communication on him.

Then : "You must be a mom blogger" Phew, OK I got that down!

And when I got to : "Wait to hear from Shera as to whether or not your submission will be scheduled for publication in “The Sampler”" Then I knew... this is not for me right now, not yet. I will work, and agonize, and edit and submit and then feel like I'm in highschool "Do they like me? Am I M.o.M. enough?" (Well, actually in high school it's cool enough)

Maybe someday... when I have more thoughts than I want to torture you who visit my blog and so lovingly read, encourage, and for some reason invest yourselves into my life..... maybe then I will give my hand at a Sampler for 5 minutes for mom. Maybe.

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We are THAT Family said...

I loved your post! Your out-loud worrying cracked me up. I felt the same way. It was a risk. I wanted to write something that would appeal to moms, be funny, thought provoking. But then, I was like, "I've got to be trickery required." Thanks so much for mentioning me in your blog and I have 3 words of advice for you, "GO FOR IT!"